Why Chicago Is a Magnificent Place for Family and Business

 Few things are more challenging than starting or relocating a business as you try to keep your family thriving. Not only do you have to find the best town for your family, but you also must ensure your business will be able to flourish in your new location. 

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Many factors are involved when choosing where to move — from the cost of living and quality of life to the available entrepreneurial resources and educational opportunities. Below, Glamour Social discusses why Chicago could be the ideal place for your family and business!


The Living Costs    


No matter how great a city or area is to reside in, you cannot build a wholly healthy life unless you can afford to live there. Living in a place with an affordable cost of living will help you get your business up and running while allowing your family to settle in comfortably and enjoy everything the town offers. It also means more affordable labor!


Fortunately, Chicago falls below the national average in many categories for the cost of living. For example, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment for around $2,500 a month.


If you’d rather rent a house in Chicago, there are plenty available. You can browse listings online to find one that fits your needs for space and your desired amenities.


The Quality of Life


Even if your business is doing well, your family will need places and activities to enjoy if you hope to lead happy lives. Chicago has more than enough things to do between our restaurants, community events, parks, and diverse culture. Living somewhere that offers top-notch quality of life will also positively impact your business, including the lives of your employees and customers.


Here are a few activities and places to consider near Chicago:


     The Art Institute of Chicago

     Museum of Science and Industry

     Millennium Park

     Field Museum

     Wrigley Field


When you’re ready to begin your move, reach out to local movers early in the process. You can find a useful list of moving companies online along with customer reviews. Once you find a company that looks promising, reach out to them to get a quote.


The Business Community


It's also critical for your town to have a supportive community of customers, mentors, local leaders, and business owners. Such a community will inspire you to launch your company, but it will also help you get through difficult times. Here are some of the entrepreneurial resources you can expect when you move to Chicago:


     Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

     Women's Business Development Center Chicago

     Chicago Department of Planning and Development


Launching a Company


When you are ready to start your Chicago small business, you will need to go through all your administrative duties to ensure you do not miss anything. For example, you will need to research local licensing requirements and resources and ensure you can meet local zoning laws. You will also need to establish the appropriate legal structure.


Many entrepreneurs benefit from setting up a corporation because it provides liability protection, flexibility, and many other advantages. Each state enforces different rules regarding corporations, so make sure you understand Illinois regulations before starting the process.


The Educational Opportunities 


Finally, having good colleges and universities in your area has apparent benefits. Your kids will have promising options when they are ready to graduate high school, and you or your partner can also pursue higher education at a top-notch institution if you choose to.


But there is another advantage to being around good schools: having an educated talent pool to pull from when hiring employees for your company. Here are some of the colleges and universities in the Chicago area:


     Northwestern University

     University of Chicago

     Illinois Institute of Technology

     DePaul University


You're in for a challenging season as you find a place to move your family and start (or relocate) your company. But if you thoroughly plan, research, and prepare, you might find that the transition goes more smoothly than you imagined.


When it comes to the cost of living, quality of life, entrepreneurial resources, and many other factors that concern family and business, it's tough to beat Chicago.


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