Advice for Young Entrepreneurs on How to Build a Business From Scratch


Starting a business at any age can be quite intimidating, and can be even more so if you're young and starting out for the first time. So if you have a great business idea, and you're unsure how to venture forth with it, Glamour Social explains how to make sure it's worthwhile going all in for.

Perform in-depth marketing research

If you want to know if there's truly a demand for your product, then, as Qualtrics notes, performing in-depth market research is the only way to go about this to ensure you have customers at the end of the day. Furthermore, your market research has to be pretty comprehensive, starting with these seven critical marketing research questions from the get-go.

Calculate your financial projections


Calculating what your financial projections are likely to be only in the next three to five years is critical to help determine the feasibility of your business idea. Furthermore, getting these numbers right can assist you in securing funding to help get your business off the ground.

Register your new business


If, after you've done all your research, you decide that your business idea is worthwhile going through with, you'll then need to register your business according to the structure you'd like it to take on. This will probably be one of the most important steps to consider, as choosing the wrong business structure can lead to binding consequences that are not easy to get out of.


A formation service can assist here and help you choose the best business structure for you as far as your business objectives go. For example, having a limited liability may be a non-negotiable for you, in which case an LLC is the best option. Moreover, there will be other considerations to sit down and think about, such as what your tax implications will be, how flexible you envision your business to be going forward, etc. Again this is where a formation service can come in handy in not only helping you choose the right business structure for you, but they can also assist with getting all the documentation in place, completed, and returned to you once done.

Create a marketing plan and a networking strategy


Creating a marketing plan is the next step in building a name for your business. Because marketing covers such a broad spectrum of tools and techniques, it is a good idea to really go into the various marketing tools and channels available to you to discover which ones your audience is going to respond to the best.


You'll also need to think about networking to help expand your reach. Apart from utilizing social media to reach out to like-minded individuals, you can also search online for friends and acquaintances you knew in the past in Chicago. With online directions, you can start reconnecting by searching for their name, their last high school, and the date they graduated.

Never underestimate the power of a good branding strategy


If you desire for your business to have longevity in the industry, Forbes points out that you'll also have to focus intensively on branding to ensure your business stays in the minds of your consumers for as long as possible. Again, branding can be quite a complex strategy as you'll need to think about how to incorporate your marketing message as part of your brand identity so that these two concepts align with one another.


These are just some starting blocks to help you build your business from an idea into a profitable venture. So be sure to put all your effort into the areas that matter most, such as marketing or networking, and you're certain to make a success of it all in the end.


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