Social Media Case Study: Splaks

Splaks is a new brand in that sells digital accessories and gadgets in the United States and UK. We created a Facebook Page to reach out users to connect with the brand and as well as improving the online brand presence. One of our goal is to launch weekly campaigns and giveaways which were successful.

  • Facebook users became aware of the "Splaks" brand products in Amazon
  • Users are able to search "Splaks" on top page of brand's Facebook page and Amazon.
  • Online giveaways each week were successful. Discounts were given to previous customers.
  • Customers started to use the Facebook Page to discuss if there are issues with the quality of the products (ie. refunds and replacements).
Amazon has a large database of goods and it requires the brand to showcase their products based on Amazon reviews and purchases. Another effort that we suggested was to optimize the product title and description. We also recommended to use good images on Amazon and Facebook page.

We only have a short term partnership but we continue to monitor the Facebook page to gather more consumers and refer them to shop on Amazon.

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