Six Data Visualization Strategies Every Small Business Can Use


Data is the driving force behind every successful business. Of course, looking at spreadsheets for hours can be incredibly uninspiring, and it’s easy to let your eyes glaze over as you try to make sense of the numbers in front of you. Still, data visualization is the solution to this problem — and many other challenges facing small businesses – which is why Glamour Social has assembled some tips and resources to help make this complex process a bit more accessible.


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Data Visualization to Streamline Internal Operations


1. Pie charts. One of the most common data visualization techniques you’ll see — and one of the most effective — is the pie chart. The format includes a circle that’s reminiscent of a pie as “slices” are defined to represent a portion of the whole. You can use a pie chart in training and other internal processes to help your employees understand complex concepts.


2. Box and whisker plot. Also called a “box plot,” this type of graph is used to represent variations within a data set. This method is best used for visualizing complex information, which makes it great for presentations with investors. Investors will want to know the specifics of your company’s financial status, and you can convey that information clearly with this graph.


3. Timeline. If you need to organize data related to a specific span of time, the best way to do so is with a timeline. This form of data visualization involves marking dates along a line to represent the progression of time. This kind of graphic is great for constructing a company history, which can be used online or in marketing.


Connecting With Customers Using Data Visualization


4. Bar chart. A bar chart is a common way to convey a data set that contains various values. It’s useful because of its simplicity, and it’s great for marketing, too. Customers respond to the clear information, and you can get this information right into customers’ hands by including a data visualization graphic on a flyer.


5. Flyers. With all the emphasis on digital advertisements, it’s easy to forget that there’s still a lot to be said for an old-fashioned flyer. They’re a great way to pair a simple, promotional message with striking visuals to make a lasting impact with your potential audience. You can also use this free tool to design custom flyers quickly and efficiently, customizing them with colors, images, text, and fonts of your choosing.


6. Word cloud. According to research, only 34% of marketers design their own graphics. This may be due to perceived difficulty, but a data visualization tool — like apps found online — can make it simple to create engaging graphics such as word clouds. Word clouds convey the phrases most commonly used in a data set.


Investing in Data Analytics

 Especially when you’re just starting out and money is tight, it can be tempting to try and deal with all this yourself. However, it might be worth your time to look into a data analytics company that can help you make the most of the information in front of you. Basically, data analytics companies function a bit like detectives, analyzing the “clues” unveiled by the data they collect to help you achieve your business goals in the fastest, most direct manner possible.


Data Visualization Is the Best Tool You Can Use

 There are many strategies you can use to reach customers more effectively. Few are as versatile and easy to use as data visualization, though. This tool doesn’t just help you boost your marketing. It can also be used to impress investors, train new staff, and explain difficult-to-understand information. Data visualization graphics are great for use on a marketing flyer, too. Get your brand in front of more people by creating and customizing a flyer with a simple online tool.


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