How Can You Start a Business as a Disabled Parent?


A large population worldwide has a temporary or permanent disability. If you're a parent with a disability, convert your disability into a strength by planning a business start-up of your own. These suggestions, courtesy of Glamour Social, can help you set up a business and take it to new horizons.

Start a New Phase of Life  

It's never too late to acquire a new skill or get a business degree to learn the key skills to successfully manage a business start-up. Enrolling in an MBA program will help you gain the relevant knowledge, management techniques, and leadership skills required for an entrepreneurial venture. An innovative idea, intelligent planning, and hard work can help you establish the start-up of your dreams. Be patient and consistent as it may take some time to achieve success.

Create a Smart Business Plan and Structure

Preparing an astute business plan is an important element for any entrepreneur as it provides an overview of the prospective business, including the financial aspects, demographics, and marketing plans. A credible and well-researched business plan is important for securing a bank loan and attracting investors willing to take a chance on your start-up.

Additionally, you must decide which business structure you want to establish. You can select from the most common business structures, including a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company (LLC) according to your budget and tax plans. Register your business yourself in your home state to save money on legal fees, or hire a business formation company to handle the process to save time.

Hire Your Employees Wisely

Hiring staff for the start-up can be challenging, as payroll is the main expenditure for any business venture. You should hire a limited number of employees in the initial year to manage your funds judiciously. Look for multi-talented employees, and recruit more staff with expertise as the business expands.

Build an Insightful Marketing Strategy

An intelligent marketing strategy will help your business reach more people. Seek assistance from pooling and networking associations to create marketing plans and advertise your business to the right customers. Set your goals, focus on your target customers, be clear about your budget, do market research, and design online or off-line marketing channels according to market demands. Track the marketing key performance indicators, and select the most suitable marketing strategy for your business.

This all sounds like a huge undertaking because it is. That’s why working with a team of experts like those at Glamour Social is such a valuable way to build your brand. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help your venture reach new levels of success.

Look for the Funding Resources

Every business requires initial capital funds to purchase raw materials, pay staff salaries, buy insurance, market products and services, and rent or lease equipment and facilities. Develop a plan that addresses how you're going to access the funds needed to start and operate your business in the initial stages. Research government loans for persons with disabilities, low-interest loans, and sponsors for prospective entrepreneurs with disabilities to access all available funding.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go

Designing a business plan and adopting the most suitable marketing strategies will help you get out of the gate with your new business on firm footing. Focus on researching the market and exploring business opportunities, competition, and budgeting before launching your business.

About our Guest Blogger:

Ed Carter has worked with clients of all ages, backgrounds and incomes. About 10 years into his career, he saw a need for financial planners who specialize in helping individuals and families living with disabilities.

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