How Search Engines Find Your Content

A search engine is designed to search for information inside the World Wide Web. There are lot of web pages on the internet, but through search, by typing in your search query, you'll get the closest, if not the exact results. On the part of websites, especially those that are into business, the content is their weapon. Because for search engines, the only way for you to get noticed by them is present relevant compositions that can satisfy the search by internet users.

Search engine works through a computer program the browses the web called the web spider, web robot, bots or worms. IT operates first through crawling, indexing and then searching. Indexing collects, parses and stores data to facilitate fast and accurate information retrieval. It is designed to find the web pages on the internet. Searching, also called web search query is the search that a user make, in which the search engine responds to.

Now if you've got your own website, you'll wonder how search engine finds your content. The answer is through search engine optimization. It is the process of improving ranking in search engine results.

You can make your contents noticeable for search engines by using different methods. Of course this methods should be valid and legal. You need to make yours a search engine-friendly site.

According to the Search Engine Journal, there are two ways that you can make your content detectable, the traditional discovery and the new breed discovery.

Traditional discovery involves page submission. This is done by submitting your link, articles, blogs or press releases to several submission sites. Web page links is also under this method. This is a great contributor because search engines also follow links that are under certain site. Site map is another way for your site to get noticed.

New Breed of Discovery includes RSS and Atom and Social Media. Pages with no links are hardly indexed, with the introduction of the RSS and Atom, now they are sorted and can be visible on the search result. Social Media is another modern method to present the contents of one's site. Generally, it is about link building. Search engines, especially Google, is including pages from social media on their search returns, because of the flooding tweets and posts by users. This is called the “real time search”.

Other ways that you can present valuable and worth-indexing contents are by adding text to your images, flash and videos, validation of HTML Code, creating relevant title tags, use of straight HTML Navigation Links on your Website, elimination of apparent content duplication and removing hidden texts.

Just always remember that search engines also have their guidelines that websites need to follow. Spamming is not advisable.

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