7 Tips For Growing A Successful Business

What should a man do to start a life of a lone ranger and become self-employed?

Most men are used to grumble quietly about how they are sick and tired of being office puppies. They don`t miss any opportunity to whine about how hard their life is and how debilitating is their sufferings from work`s daily routine.

Usually, these grouches have their heads full of desperate complaints. Guess you have at least one friend, or maybe you will be the only one in your office clique who is not of that kind. Usually, these guys are a majority, and there is nothing you can do about it, except being different.

So why do so many men prefer years of sufferings from some tiresome office work, crazy bosses, exhausting industry toil and other daily hardships of anonymous working-class heroes? Why can`t they swap to independent, free business life of an entrepreneur?

In this article, we will answer these questions. We will give you clues on how to change your way of life and make it different once and for all. If you are afraid of changing anything – stop at this line and don`t read further.

1. Rule number one – vanquish your fears
You will never become a successful entrepreneur if you can`t risk. If you think you have no fears, try to figure out what hampers you all the time. Did you ask yourself why you are always holding back from starting your own trade?

You call it being considerate and careful, while when you analyze grassroots of your carefulness, you will see a naked, pure fear. This feeling drags you away from your dreams and becomes inherent and takes the reins over your emotions and plans for the future.

You give your fear other names, but the essence rests the same. Try to uncover all your tremors to overcome a hidden panic in front of new challenges entrepreneur life can bring. Usually your fear is coming in disguise of arrogance, procrastination, partiality, prejudices. Usually these drawbacks of peoples` behaviour are caused by a innate animal fear in front of changes. Work out what is the cause of your anxieties, and then you`ll visualize faces of enemies of your dreams. Learn and analyze your habits, get to know yourself better and then you will uncover what hurdles your progress.

The most powerful fears of all is a fear of failure, regardless of how old are you, eighteen, a young man in his mid-twenties, 40 years old adult, you care about what your friends are going to say. There is an inherent feeling of fear to fail.

To surpass it follow this valuable advice of Thomas Edison, who said: “I have not failed 10,000 times,” and then added: “I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 10,000 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.”

After reading these words you have no moral right to complain. Don`t say that you are afraid to make at least one step out of a comfort zone only because you`re afraid to fail.

2. Where should you start from 
From your garage! Well, if you don`t have one – take it as a metaphor and start everything from some small idea.
Our era of business can be named an era of startups. Big corporations these days are yesterday's small ideas implemented by some hard-nosed nerdy clerk or a student who refused to be a victim and dared to risk. These guys were persistent enough to deny the way of living they used to have.

Living in a garage, working sleeplessly on the ideas they burned with. That is where the Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson, Hewlett-Packard  came from – a garage. Look at where these guys started from, and now look at your fancy suit and the golden cage of your office – wouldn`t you exchange it for a lead role in your project?

3. The third challenge to overcome is finance
What to do if you don`t have capital to start from? Should you take loans and bank credits, or sell your grandma`s heritage?

Try to get away from these traditional prejudices and think different;  if you have a good idea – this is your initial capital. If you still can`t get your idea to work without a money influx – work out some good presentation of your business plan, provide it with charts of coherent statistics and other persuasive data and knock the doors of investors who can become interested in your ideas.  One day you will feel yourself a winner of Dragons` Den series!

Be inventive, sell services, barter what you need, work out unusual exchange offers, resell. There are so many ways to start doing things without having any money  - be inventive and try out your way. Rethink traditional methods and make up new, no matter how extravagant they can be.

4. The fourth rule is to promote whatever you do 
We don`t offer you to be annoyingly persistent. Be yourself and value what you do. The business you started is a baby, it was conceived and brought up, and now you need to show it to the world. Make your idea sparkle and work for people.

For that, you need to popularize it and offer it to clients. The best way of advertising your product if you don`t have any budget is a word of speech on the web – social networks. Create your page on Facebook, invite your friends, former work partners. Gather anybody who can be possibly interested in what you produce or in services you provide.

If your business is local – use some printing handouts, spread information about your activities in some gripping way. Use your imagination or ask somebody who can do it best to help you.

The main point is to reach to the public, involve as many potential clients as possible.

5. The fifth rule is to organize your finances
Ensure that your receivables scheme management is solid and secure. If you are a retail seller and your finance operations are secured by online platforms like Amazon or Etsy you shouldn`t be worried. Usually, such big companies are taking care of their client`s security. The field of services is absolutely different, as well as wholesale marketing.

Adjust your business to some strict payment rules, don`t be too naive. There are so many buyers who will use any possibility to delay payments or extend them for ages. Don`t let anybody to trick you, but don`t forget to be flexible at times as well. Sometimes business should take certain bold decisions to profit from them later.

6. Rule number six: you should work as if tomorrow is your last day
Most of the people think it is the hardest point in doing business and are getting disillusioned. Low self-esteem and inferiority complexes make them believe they will not manage working day and night to make their business work.

But if to take a closer look at successful entrepreneurs – they like what they are doing, their industrious toil brings them pleasure. People think different when they know they work for the development of business they started.

Entrepreneurs are regarded to be happier than office workers as they are fully motivated for work. Making your business grow is a way of self-expression as well. While artists are getting satisfaction from masterpieces they are doing entrepreneur experiences same feelings while working on their own business.

7. Rule number seven – never stop learning and always try something new
If you want your business to follow modern trends and be сompetitive, you need to learn all the time. You can make a tragedy out of this statement, especially if you weren`t a diligent student during your schooling. Try to look at it from a different angle.

When you create your business in a field you like, it is always a pleasure to evolve and deepen your knowledge in it. Discovering anything new in a business you do will bring you only pleasure.
You have some hobbies? You are best at something you never regarded to bring income? Start developing what you prefer best and learn more about it. If it is close to your heart you`ll love learning and developing every day in the field you choose.

8. Rule number eight: create value
Whatever you do, if people like it they will be ready to pay for it. But if you will try to trick them your success won`t last for long.

Usually, when an entrepreneur puts earning money as a cornerstone of his business he never achieves any attainments. The product itself doesn`t matter that much. You can hardly supply people with anything unique, with something they can`t find on the web or the nearest market.  The Same statement can be applied regarding services your company provides.

If your trade will not bring any value to the society, it is not worth launching.
Even if you are selling lollipops on the fairs, the principle thing you should keep in mind is that you are not selling colored lumps of sugar, but you bring joy to children. You can apply this rule to large corporations as well.

Be brave, choose to dare and follow your dreams! Regardless of how old are you: eighteen or forty, value every moment of your life and don`t give anybody to be a master of your destiny. Go for it!

Lisa Griffin is a freelance writer and blogger for http://payforessays.blogspot.com. She lives under the credo «Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts»

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